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nonsmokies's Journal

actually we do smoke
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have a complaint, have something nice to say, hate the world, hate your life, hate your parents, hate your bitch wankoff of a roomate, love the idea of having a place to bitch without a single complaint, love a place where you can make fun of someone you despise or say nice things about someone you adore, want a place to post pictures where you wont be judged by stuck up pretentious assholes, love idealism, love your freedom of speech, love your obsession....
this is soooooooooo the place for you, feel free to post whatever the fuck you want.
two simple rules:
1. respect you fellow nonsmokies(like using the lj-cut)
2. if you dont like someones post simply walk away people arent here to post to please everyone

you break these rules i will be forced to hunt your cunt ass down and shove a spiny dildo straight up your ass...
if you think you have a problem with this then move on......

mandykay is in charge of this here jizzoint bitches!