Simulated Porn Musician (mandykay) wrote in nonsmokies,
Simulated Porn Musician

i posted this a while back in my lj, its funny as all fucking hell and totally ripping on nonuglies and those who decide to be a part of it....

i chose not to have problems with thecuties even though they have some of the same mods, but thecuties are a lot less harsh and a little less judgemental, and the majority of them have better personalities than nonuglies....

OMFG THEY EVEN HAVE A NONUGLY TYPE THING FOR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am sooooooo gonna jump on this wagon and make one for like assholes or something....
we will tell you if your asshole is tight enough... if not you wont be in the top 2% of people with tight assholes...

sorry girl you got porn ass or something your so denied

if i had an asshole like that id shave my head and learn to walk backwards

please remember dont take this seriously
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